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Twig Wreaths For Rustic Or Elegant Appeal

The thought of twigs may conjure up an old forest, or well-constructed bird’s nest. Twigs are also an extremely popular material for wreaths. A wreath can be made entirely of twigs for a rustic, primitive appeal or can have all sorts of materials added to them for a graceful design. They can also accent a wreath for any season of the year whether its Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day.

The charm of twig wreaths stems from their raw, natural beauty. The trend for wreaths made completely from intertwined twigs has boomed. Twigs are naturally bendable and therefore were probably some of the first materials used to make wreaths. Many twigs are naturally highlighted with beautiful berries. Allowing the twigs to stick out away from the wreath in a fan, or swirl shape, makes a wonderful statement in a kitchen or living room, or for a door. Some twigs encompass an entire color all on their own. Bayberry twigs are thin with a slightly blueish-brown color and red dogwood is a beautiful burnt red. Twig wreaths made just with these basic, yet striking materials, will catch any eye.

Twigs are also extremely popular as bases and accents for wreaths. A swirled, red dogwood, twig wreath can be accented with dried herbs or flowers. The addition of fake birds, bumble bees and dragon flies onto a twig base can really bring nature inside. Imagine birch tree twigs fanned out whimsically with accents of leaves from the peak of fall, or a pussy willow wreath with a few, delicate faux butterflies.

Mt. birch wreaths make fantastic bases. They have a dense core, then fan out wildly in a scattered pattern. Leaves, berries, ribbons, or even bulb ornaments will make a tasteful addition to this base. The briar patch wreath also has a wonderfully natural and random effect. These absolutely call to mind a bird’s nest. Add faux birds and bird eggs with a few leaves, dried herbs and berries for a rustic appeal.

Twig wreaths can also be graceful and elegant. Matching the pattern of the swirling twigs, greens with daisies or roses can add brilliance to any room. Dried flowers of all shades and shapes also add an exquisite motif to the twig base.



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