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The Tempur Pillow Is Always With Me

I got to tell that the first times my golfing friends laughed when they saw me with the Tempur pillow under my arm. I gave them my biggest smile and started to answer their ironic comments and questions. You know what a comfort for you, my little friend. Many good laughs there. Now a couple of them bring their own pillows!

We are a small group of enthusiastic golfers and a couple of times per year we take a weekend off and leave for some place to play golf, enjoy the leave and our own company. If you have done that or just stayed in hotels or vacation rentals of any kind, you know what kind of mattresses and pillows there are.

In some european countries they also have these three feet long sausage-like pillows. Some too hard, you almost break your neck, and some so soft that it will not even work if you manage to double-fold it.

The mattress is of course too big to bring on a vacation but the Tempur pillow is easy to bring. Its smaller than an ordinary pillow and I just take it in a bag. The pillow is most important to me, I sleep great when I use it and not too great without it. It makes a big difference.

It was in the early 90s when I first learned about Tempur. A physiotherapist that trained our group in the pool showed us. After one of the training sessions one of the guys was complaining about how bad he used to sleep and our trainer asked him to try the mattress and pillow she had in the treatment room.

Some of us tried it for a couple of minutes and yes, perhaps this could be something for us. I bought it a couple of months later. Both a pillow and a mattress. UPS delivered and the mattress had to stretch out a couple of hours before I could use it. I could hardly wait to try it and used it the same first night.

I remember that the first couple of nights felt unusual. The Tempur mattress is just like heaven, I could sleep much longer before I had to turn to the other side and there were no pressure on knees and hips any more.

Earlier that kind of pressure made me use a thin extra pillow that I could have under or between my legs. Perhaps you have had that kind of experience too and it doesnt matter if you are thin or fat. Now its really a relief to sleep better, wake up and just feel relaxed and great.

The Tempur pillow took me a couple of nights to get used to. I have to admit that, and I think the reason was that it seem to be too small. It is not. The form is perfect to give your head the right balance and its in different sizes now, which is great as we are not all of the same size over the shoulders. After some time I also learned to turn the pillow in the mornings so I then sleep on the lower part. Guess that can have to do with the fact that Im more relaxed and my shoulders not tense at all.

I have used these products for more than twelve years now and also bought one more pillow. Needless to say, but I will stick to Tempur for the rest of my life.



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