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You might find that your search for a good carry-on travel suitcase for your upcoming trip ends here since has a variety of luggage available for you to select. However, you need to take some necessary measures while choosing the size. The size matters because the overhead bin has a specific place for your suitcase; if it doesn’t fit there, you need to make other arrangements.

Although monos is a new brand and gained much popularity by becoming every traveler’s go-to brand for carry-on suitcases, moreover, Monos focuses on making simple bags. Still, all its production is sleek, and the vivid colors make them even more attractive. The rose quartz and ocean blue colors are all Monos believe in providing excellent quality bags.

A malfunctioning bag may ruin your entire trip, so it is essential to choose wisely. Carry-on suitcases are your great partner for the whole of the journey, and if they no longer accompany you, you may have to rearrange your essentials and accommodate them somewhere else, which may be a hectic thing to do and that too during a trip.

Monos manufacturing units produce two types of carry on suitcases:

  • Carry on pro
  • Carry on pro plus

Moreover, both types are exceptional and are sturdy when it comes to traveling for longer trips. Besides, its versatile design makes it unique among other brands.


Carry on suitcase designs and little details

Not only that you can keep some bigger items in your carry-on bag, but you can also keep your laptop as both the designs have spacious front pockets to accommodate small items like laptops or others. Even if you stuff some of your small things in the bag, you will not witness the additional few inches.


Extra spacious bag

The carry-on pro plus us has some extra space for your belongings. There are more sections for a perfect organization. Even more, if we talk about the size of this pro plus, it’s almost 23 inches from the fixed handle to the bottom wheels. However, this particular size is a bit too much for some airlines.

Besides, it weighs 8.38 pounds which is not light again, and it is heavier. Other than the flaws, the bag is spacious, and you can store some of the additional items that you probably have to carry in your hand or put under the seat bag.

Carry on pro is yet another interesting bag from the same production. It is relatively smaller than the pro plus. It is 22 inches in size from fixed handles to the bottom wheels, which means the bag is perfectly suitable for almost all airlines.

You will surely miss the 10 inches of space from this carry-on, but you can utilize the standard-sized suitcase for short trips. Interestingly, it is still heavier and comes with 7.8 pounds.


Variation in colors

The elegant exteriors make the bag stand out among the crowd. Surprisingly, Monos carry-on bags have eight standard colors, so you have plenty of choices if you are color-conscious. The appealing attributes of both the carry-on bags make them worth buying.

Even better, both these bags have 4 multi-directional, smooth wheels, making for easy maneuverability. Also, the bags have adjustable handles to ease your pain. The YKK zippers increase additional comfort for you.



The traveling bags, carry-on pro, and carry-on plus have some incredible features that amaze you at every point. Undoubtedly, anyone looking for a good carry-on bag surely looks for ease when packing. Mono’s carry-on suitcase is easy to pack with smooth maneuverability. Also, the highly durable design has raised the demand for this brand.


Reason for much fame

The reason why these bags are way more popular is that they have a front pocket that unzips on the front side of the bag. This enables you to keep some of your small accessories on that particular side. Whether you want to store your headphones or charging pods, there is a space for everything inside the Monos carry-on bags.

The bag also holds a special place for your laptop, carrying a laptop separately is no longer your thing. Although the pockets are on the front, they never damage your essentials due to the polycarbonate construction. It makes the pockets sturdy.


Affordable prices

In addition, Monos are not the only brand with hard front pockets, yet they sell their articles at affordable prices. However, other brands with sturdy pockets are Rimowa and Arlo Skye, which sell their bags at incredibly high prices.


Mono carry on bags Pros and cons

Every traveling bag has something positive about it and negative too. It all depends on your experience with that particular bag. Here we will talk about the pros and cons of monos carry-on bags.



  • Monos carry on pro bags are hard and sturdy for sure
  • The increased durability ensures the long life of the bag
  • The sleek and stylish design stands it out among the crowd
  • They are relatively cheaper
  • It comes with an additional spacious front pockets



  • Monos bags are heavier in size
  • The 23 and 22″ size bags do not fit in most the airlines
  • Slightly handle wobbles



The monos carry-on bags are the ultimate option for many travelers. It is because of their sleek look and stylish design. The vivid colors are yet another great thing about the bag. Moreover, the millennials are more familiar with Monos bags. Monos carry-on pro comes with a spacious zippered pocket which helps you store some of your smaller items that you may find unfit to place in the bigger compartments. When it comes to the price, the Monos are a great choice for every traveler because they offer reasonable prices.

What people like most about these monos bags is the handy front pocket which is easily accessible. These pockets make organizing easier for travelers for all of their small items like headphones or charging pods.

So you need to check thoroughly which type of suitcase you can accompany with you depending on the duration of your trip and durability of the suitcase.


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